posted November 21st, 2017

With Bajas Fresh, their most distinctive and ambitious long player (and we mean long, you value seeking audiophiles - seven songs mastered at half-speed at Abbey Road, stretched across two LPs!) to date, Bitchin Bajas stake out an entirely new territory, an interstellar zone for which they now permanently hold the keys. Bajas Fresh finds them combining their programmed-synth personality (the kind that we Baja-nuts so adored on the "Krausened" and "Transporteur" EPs) with their ambient minimalist personality, then throwing in some new touches involving rhythm, actual chords and even a cover tune! All this is handled in purely Baja-ian (!) fashion, as the mixes and sequence progress with a liquidity that is simultaneously calming and invigorating--thus the title!

Now that the record is officially out, the trio of Cooper Crain, Dan Quinlivan and Rob Frye, known collectively as Bitchin Bajas, are set to amplify these jams live next month all across the Midwest and East Coast, diffusing their Freshness into the air like purifying essential oils. Stimulating and clear, Bitchin Bajas are for the whole planet, don't forget it! Massage into ears and breathe deeply at the dates below, then pick up your copy of Bajas Fresh today - Uncut call it a "levitating career high from Chicago kosmiche jockeys" - we call it necessary enlightenment!


11/30 in Chicago, IL at Hungry Brain
12/1 in Chicago, IL at Hungry Brain
12/2 in Bloomington, IN at Blockhouse
12/3 in Nashville, TN at Darkmttr
12/4 in Asheville, NC at The Mothlight
12/5 in Atlanta, GA at The Earl
12/6 in Chapel Hill, NC at Nightlight
12/8 in Philadelphia, PA at The Soundhole
12/9 in Brooklyn, NY at Park Church Co-Op
12/10 in Boston, MA at Studio 550
12/11 in Montreal, QC at L'Esco
12/12 in Toronto, ON at Smiling Buddha
12/13 in Detroit, MI at Trinosophes


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