posted December 7th, 2017

Tis the season to be wary! The goods on sale in the marketplace have upn them the distinctive taint of the man - that besuited-n-tied gummit official-type offering us a discount, except it's actually a price hike - you know who (or more to the point, WHAT) we're talking about! But fear not - all the bills of goods out there aren't bogus, there's still a vendor you can trust. What, us? We wouldn't dare flog the humble goods of the mothership at a time like this - no, we're talking about Wand! Fresh off their US Plum run - and twiddling their thumbs before next year's European Plum Tour - Wand are throwing open their web-doors to offer you the finest in handcrafted goods. Screen-print posters! Tees (black with blue ink in S, M, L and XL)! Totes! And both The Duck and The Cloud enamel pins! Plus hand-of-the-band-doodled copies of Plum! Check the Wand store at bigcartel for the good news! And hey, if you're willing to settle for some plain ol' industry-standard machine-fabricated music entertainment products, you can still get LP/CD copies of Ganglion Reef, 1000 Days and Plum from Drag City - strictly as a fall back of course. No matter what, this holiday season, get your Wand on!