posted December 20th, 2017

Remember when you were young? And you shone like the sun and all that? Well, some of us still ARE young, thanks - like the kiddie-boys-and-girl of WAND - the only thing is, it's hard to tell sometimes, since not only have they been so darn prolific, but each record represents an evolution most folks would only reflect after a de rigueur two-year hiatus between album cycles! Instead, four cycles in, the path has been so epic and serpentine, we gotta pinch ourselves to remember that it was just a little more than three years ago that the whole thing began with the explosive release of Ganglion Reef on GOD? records. Figure WAND for not wanting waste their youth while they're young; rather than while away a full ten years before dropping bonus material to that seminal debut album like most bands we've come to know, they're instead rush-releasing for the online Christmas 2017 market the demos and more for these purposes, From A Capsule Underground.  

And these purposes include charitable donations; having already made money of these songs, the band are all set to give the proceeds of this one to charities! A sweet gift for all? YUS. Proceed to your local Bandcampery and complete the circle, with eyes to the sky. Capsules to capsules, undergrounds to undergrounds...

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