posted January 19th, 2018

With Plum hanging like a sun above the western horizon, Wand finally embark on the official Plum European tour next week, heading east and east and east before they finally arrive without not travelling in merry old Brighton, the big black Smoke of London, the streets of Bristol and ever so much more beyond! Now is the time for all the top-hatted Wandheads (though we prefer Wanderers) of all colors and in all corners to rally (or at the very least, just congregate) in the streets and declare their love for Wand! Plum has proved to be a new chapter of extreme growth for Wand, moving in directions hinted at previously, now fully realized. But as time Wands on, the growth and the directions don't stop! The USA already got their fix of next phase Wand; now it's time for Euro-Wanderers to get theirs - from the UK to Germany, Denmark to Portugal, Switzerland to Spain, and don't forget France and the Netherlands! Wand you gonna do? Pick the Plum show!

1/23/18 at Patterns in Brighton United Kingdom
1/24/18 at The Dome in London United Kingdom
1/25/18 at The Louisiana in Bristol United Kingdom
1/26/18 at Soup Kitchen in Manchester United Kingdom
1/27/18 at Garage 2 in Glasgow United Kingdom
1/28/18 at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds United Kingdom
1/29/18 at Hare and Hounds (Room 2) in Birmingham United Kingdom
1/31/18 at La Cartonnerie in Reims France
2/1/18 at Atabal in Biarritz France
2/2/18 at Hard Club in Porto Portugal
2/3/18 at Music Box in Lisbon Portugal
2/4/18 at Dabadaba in San Sebastian Spain
2/5/18 at Le Confort Moderne in Poitiers France
2/6/18 at L' Ubu in Rennes France
2/7/18 at La Maroquinerie in Paris France
2/8/18 at Bogen F in Zurich Switzerland
2/9/18 at Antigel Festival in Geneva Switzerland
2/10/18 at Studio Foce in Lugano Switzerland
2/11/18 at L'Autre Canal in Nancy France
2/13/18 at Die naTo in Leipzig Germany
2/14/18 at Urban Spree in Berlin Germany
2/15/18 at Hafenklang in Hamburg Germany
2/16/18 at Stengade in Copenhagen Denmark
2/17/18 at Sala Apolo in Barcelona Spain
2/18/18 at Sala Riviera in Madrid Spain
2/21/18 at Vera in Groningen Netherlands
2/22/18 at Paradiso in Amsterdam Netherlands
2/23/18 at Doornroosje in Nijmegen Netherlands
2/24/18 at Muziekodroom in Hasselt Belgium

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