posted February 2nd, 2018

Ben Chasny's Hexadic System has been put to great use on two Six Organs records already, but this third installment, Hexadic III, is a whole different beast! See, it's a compilation record, featuring music from a ton of AMAZING musicians, none of whom are named Ben Chasny! Instead, we've got fresh Hexadic sounds from Moon Duo, Jenks Miller, Meg Baird & Charlie Saufley, Tashi Dorji, Richard Youngs, Stephen O'Malley-Tim Wyskida-Marc Urselli, and Phil Legard, each putting the Hexadic System to good use. If that isn't enticing enough, we've got more incentive to preorderHexadic III:

Each pre-order of an LP or Cassette will come with a Hexadic figure filled out by Ben Chasny and dated with the time that it was made (for those who might want to use it for composition) and also signed with the Six Organs symbol. Each sheet will be a unique draw of the cards, thereby giving its owner the opportunity to use it as their own pre-composition direct from the hand of the creator of the Hexadic System. A blank Square of the Sun has been provided for the owner's completion of the composition. The spade card has also been left blank to allow the owner of the sheet to determine their own tonal center. If one does not participate in Hexadic composition, it also makes a neat, one-of-a-kind insert for the LP or companion to the tape.

There ya have it, folks - preorder your copy of Hexadic III now and get your bonus!


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