posted February 12th, 2018


People! There's something you need to know about who's on Drag City and who isn't not. Pursuant to our DC Family Tree of 2016, and a couple errors of omission, here are the expanded CVs on two more of our heroes that we felt we didn't give their propers on the tree.... If you didn't get our 2016 xmas family tree card don't fret -- these work great on their own! Mike "Sic Alps/Peacers" Donovan and Matt "Superwolf (and the world)" Sweeney. Both these cats have been on the streets for awhile now, here's a chance to learn more about the bands that made them the artists that we know know them to be. And likely vice-verse! Well, what are you wating for? Get thee to Discogs, and fill in some of the missing pieces. Mike, Matt - we love you! 

Artists in this story: Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Baby Dee, Sic Alps, Mike Donovan, The Peacers