posted April 20th, 2018

The more we look it over, the new video from Drinks confirms our suspicion that that Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley are two extremely everyday people - it's just the world around them that's insane! Even mundane images of them standing idly about seem to wash through a technicolor prism in this video, mixed with what appear to be home movie-type shots from a tropical vacation. In this context, whether regarding groups of dancing teenagers, bathing adults or penguins milling on a beach, it is clear that the shared element is that of exoticism; ie, everything is weird! Or if not, wouldn't it be cooler if it was? O the humanity! It is all too surreal. And musical, expecially when the flickering images are paired with Hippo Lite's excellent cut "Cornershops". The album's out now and the song's video'd up already on YouTube! Go down the "Cornershops" - Drinks got what you need.

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