posted June 13th, 2018

2018 has been the age of No Age - Snares Like A Haircut burst forth at the start of the year with an explosion, an eruption, and an ooze - and that slime continues to blob it's way around the world with fruity chunks of fuzz, flange, and chorus wrapped up around some of the most popping sing-along songs No Age have ever produced! Now, having brought the epic velocity jams like smash hit singles "Send Me" and "Drippy," around the USA and Europe once already, No Age aren't content to stay on "Cruise Control" - naw, the duo Randy and Dean are simply flying high to the next gig! 

The next gig could be right behind you, dude! Check these dates and take special note of the newly announced European dates. Look to the skies, the No Age tour jet may be flying over you this very minute! 


16/6/18 @ A Ship in the Woods Music and Arts Festival in Escondido CA, USA
22/6/18- 24/6/18 @ Logan Square Arts Festival in Chicago IL, USA * 
1/7/18 @ Dirty Penni Fest 3 in Los Angeles CA, USA **
1/8/18 @ Congés Annulés in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
3/8/18 @ Micro Festival in Liege, Belgium
4/8/18 @ Visions Festival in London, United Kingdom
5/8/18 @ Off Festival in Katowice, Poland
6/8/18 @ Underdogs Ballroom in Prague, Czech Republic
7/8/18 @ SuperUho Festival 2018 in Primosten, Croatia
6/9/18- 9/8/18 @ Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh NC, USA ***
9/9/18 @ OctFest in New York NY, USA # 
14/9/18 @ GetMAD! Festival in Madrid, Spain
15/9/18 @ Donostia Kutxa Kultur Festibala in San Sebastian, Spain

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