Appetite For the Eve of Destruction

posted June 14th, 2018

Much like death (the state of being, not the band), The 4th Movement is a transition to a new incarnation. Risen from the ashes of Death (the band!), The 4th Movement arrived at a new beginning, one where the Hackney brothers could experiment with their sound and push it forward into something deeper and more psychedelically charged than ever before. Coinciding with a move to Vermont; Dannis, Bobby and David morphed into a heavier and more bombastic version of themselves, with the intention that their music reach the heavenly ears of God -- a truly metaphysical and authentic version of complete artistic vision, and freedom! The 4th Movement feverishly blends classic rock, proto-punk and p-funk in the finest and most outlandish fashion imaginable, and 40 years on, The 4th Movement is about to be widely available for the eager ears of Earthly inhabitants and hellions, too!

The 4th Movement returns to Earth Friday, June 22nd, so there's no better time to release one of it's essential rave ups, "Revelations Eve!" Kicking out front with one of the most empowered vocal lines Bobby Hackney has ever sung, "Revelations Eve" comes on with David's chill-inducing riffage before lurching forward with an eruption of on-the-one, tightly wound, bombast.

It's destruction's eve! Unleash the heavenly power of The 4th Movement into your being with "Revelation's Eve" right now over at AFROPUNK, and watch The 4th Movement mini-documentary, Death Into Life: The 4th Movement Story, too!