posted October 8th, 2018

Just a year ago today, hundreds braved the cold rain and gathered on the grassy knoll of Bohemian National Cemetery to witness Circuit des Yeux's Haley Fohr (and friends) perform Nico's legendary debut solo album, Chelsea Girl, in its entirety. Rather than presenting a note for note covers set, Haley pushed the music further, to make it her own, whilst still remaining faithful and devoted to the source material. A truly amiable tribute emerged from the stage that pulsed like a silent electricity in the air. Performing the final and most devastating track from Chelsea Girl, the lucid and stripped down "Eulogy to Lenny Bruce", Haley is able to channel true bereavement; as if she's conjuring her own sorrows and demons into each and every note. This footage is just a snippet of a genuinely trans-formative performance, testament to Haley Fohr's dedication to fully embodying whatever music she's performing with the greatest of intensity.

Watch "Eulogy to Lenny Bruce" above and expect similar transcendence of sound and song when Circuit des Yeux tours the following European cities next month, beginning with the "Gaia Infinitus" performance of Reaching For Indigo at Le Guess Who? Festival, where she'll be accompanied by an 8-piece ensemble featuring members of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra!

11/8/18- 11/11/18 Le Guess Who Festival Utrecht Netherlands^
11/13/18 Folk Gothenburg Sweden
11/14/18 Revolver Oslo Norway
11/15/18 Fasching Stockholm Sweden
11/16/18 Inkonst Malmo Sweden
11/17/18 Puschenfest @ Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin Germany
11/19/18 Klub FAMU Prague Czech Republic
11/20/18 Orpheum Extra Graz Austria
11/21/18 A4 Bratislava Slovakia
11/22/18 Linecheck Festival Milan Italy*
11/23/18 Saint Ghetto Festival Bern Switzerland*
11/24/18 Transmissions Festival Ravenna Italy*
^Circuit des Yeux presents "Reaching For Indigo : Gaia Infinitus"
*Solo Set

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