posted October 12th, 2018

The ever-elusive Sir Richard Bishop is constantly slipping and sliding above and beneath the surface; like the best shape-shifters, he's difficult to pin down and escapes easily, into the nght. That all changes when he wants to be seen - and it's in those moments that we experience pure joy, delighted by his presence! The joy could occur with the drop of a stunning LP of solo guitar, like Tangier Sessions, or it may occur when the weather tells him it's time to tour. In this very moment, it's the latter - beginning October 29th, Rick kicks off a European tour in Paris! Check all the dates below, and let's hold our collective breath for signs of new music in the future (hope you're reading this, Rick, or we're all gonna pass out... or worse!).

10/29/18 La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues Paris France

10/30/18 Cave 12 Geneva Switzerland

11/1/18 Le Bourg Lausanne Switzerland

11/2/18 La Fine Roma Rome Italy

11/4/18 Etnosoi! Festival @ Savoy Theatre Helsinki Finland with Huun Huur Tu

11/6/18 Tape Arhus Denmark

11/7/18 Alice Copenhagen Denmark

11/8/18 Bethnal Green Working Men's Club London United Kingdom

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