posted November 20th, 2018

The Dream My Bones Dream is out now, a record that harks back to the fascinating days of album-oriented rock, and the by-product of that halcyon era: the concept album. Eiko Ishibashi's moved off from the tight pop sound of her previous albums to explore a nuanced, prog-inspired set, recorded and mixed by Jim O'Rourke for extra sonic profundity. Eiko is tripping through her imagination, reflecting on previously unknown parts of her late father's youth, discovering on the way that the vagaries of family and cruelty of nations need to be overcome in order to live on happily. A good message to hear, made especially great by the music!

Celebrating this triumph of a record and its release this past week, Eiko has shared a beautiful (and trippy!) new music video for "Iron Veil"! Visuals of fast paced Japanese cityscapes dance as plumes of multi colored smoke radiate with each and every note. After watching the video, you'll wonder how you ever went on without it! The video premiered on Exclaim!, but you can watch it here, and order your copy of The Dream My Bones Dream at this very moment.


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