posted December 3rd, 2018

Tim Presley's White Fence has materialized: two years on from his solo missive, The WiNK, the sense that something has cratered and someone has walked away, somehow alive, is heavy in the air. With I Have to Feed Larry's Hawk, Tim Presley meets White Fence, and together, they move on.

The surface of I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk may appear to the naked eye as an uncluttered expanse, but it's hardly placid. In fact, the simple-sounding arrangements found throughout the record are garnished with unusual details which tend to grow gracefully odd and ghostly as they progress. It's title track has an eerie, dreamlike quality, rolling through uncharted soul territory - painting a certain vulnerability with Tim's unpredictable brush. The accompanying video for "I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk" unnerves like a soothingly familiar alien encounter, seen through a lens, darkly.  Directed by Ashley Goodall and painstakingly matching the surrealistic magnetism that so often encapsulates Tim's songwriting, "I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk" premieres on Noisey worldwide today. Drink up the hypnagogic syrup and bask in the warm glow of Tim Presley's White Fence now!


Artists in this story: White Fence, Tim Presley