posted January 3rd, 2019

Welcome, dear reader, to 2019, where in the first few weeks of this infant year you have the opportunity to see three major players in the field of music and entertainment. It all takes place at the Tomorrow Never Knows Festival in sweet home, Chicago, where not only do you get to laugh your ass off (and your heart out) with Neil Hamburger, but you get to rock the fuck out with CAVE and Wand, the latter two on one fucking bill! Imagining the explosiveness of such a rocking night is difficult to fathom, but luckily it isn't anything you have to contemplate or make assumptions about for long - you can just go ahead and experience it first hand, at the Tomorrow Never Knows Festival! Each are performing January 17th - we're positive you can make it from the Hideout to Lincoln Hall in time to catch everyone - get your tix now, and fulfill your resolution to kick out the jams and yuck it up on the regular!

Friday, January 17th:

CAVE & Wand at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL

Neil Hambuger at The Hidout in Chicago, IL

Artists in this story: Neil Hamburger, CAVE, Wand