posted January 8th, 2019

Masaki Batoh's forthcoming solo album and title track "Nowhere" considers that when you die, you are gone from this world permanently - but if that's too existential for you, the groovy chorus with thrumming bass and wah-wah suggests that your energy ascends to something greater!

Today we gift you with a video for "Tower of the Silence", a song that utilizes full-dimensional acoustics to put Masaki Batoh's immense talent on display. Filmed and edited by Aimaiworks / Tomoco Nakatsuka, the video for "Tower of the Silence" is a gateway to see and feel the immense energy displayed by the veteran performer in his unfiltered glory. The starkness of the track complements the subject matter: "Tower of the Silence" is a Zoroastrian burial mound, where the unclean bodies of the dead were placed to be stripped clean by carrion birds. Sounds grim, again, but wait! Deeply inspired by experience devastation of the Fukushima nuclear plant erupted in 2011, Batoh lost himself suddenly and totally, but in a moment awakened and opened his eyes toward the future. Batoh's way with melody and his master hands on the guitar allow to material to transcend our earthly fears - and become visions of our universal state.


Using a vintage Guild acoustic, Batoh pushes the boundaries of the guitar and voice. It is, suffice to say, a trip! Watch "Tower of the Silence" right now and pre-order your copy of Nowhere, today!

 2/22/19 @ Hikarinouma in Tokyo, Japan

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