posted January 9th, 2019

An album like Still Dwelling is all too rare these days! Exquisitely compiled, elegantly arranged and beautifully performed with a score of talent that would make The Wrecking Crew blush! You'd be more likely to find an album like this in the thrift shop than in the new release bins of today's record stores - until now, that is. It's about time! A perfect pop record, recorded by none other than America's Funnyman---Neil Hamburger.

Still Dwelling is still on the release horizon (out 1/25), but behold: a brand-new video! A bonafide original written by Neil and Eric Paparozzi (Phil Spector incarnate, minus all the murder-y stuff) nestled in between stunning renditions of the 20th century's most popular songs, "The Luckiest Man in This Room" beams with classic Hamburger fare: a cautionary tale told with the utmost gravity! In "The Luckiest Man in This Room", Neil is our Fred Astaire, a fitting parallel for a world class entertainer of all sorts! Transport to Neil's world with a video directed by Steve Moramarco and let him guide you-watch the video now and get your copy of Still Dwelling!


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