posted January 17th, 2019

Rock! It crunches beneath your feet as they shuffle their infinite pattern, it echoes down deep in the chasm when you leap across. Tim Presley knows how it feels as it crashes against him; now White Fence is sinuously tooled up to shoot out neighborhood lights everywhere. Exquisite guitar extroversion! 

Throughout the epic daze of these 20teens, we've known/loved the music of White Fence, growing increasingly addicted to their contempo-psych twisted pop tunes, all marked by a distinctive signature; the classically-informed pop songwriting and subversive lyrical and production laminations of Tim PresleyI Have To Feed Larry's Hawk is the amalgamation of Tim's prolific and imaginative output---2xLPs worth! After a couple of keyboard-ballad-style drops that border on Tim's solo sound, the new single "Neighborhood Light" shines brightly with the familiar scratching and chiming of guitars; it brings the monikers of Tim Presley and White Fence together in a less than 3 minutes - no little feat!

And for all you packaging freaks, geeks, droogs and junkies, this albums has much to offer - I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk is a double-LP in a fat gatefold jacket with inner sleeves; complete with doodles and drawings deep from within his eccentric mind. IHTFLH drops on 1/25, so listen to "Neighborhood Light" now and prepare thyselves!

Artists in this story: White Fence, Tim Presley