posted January 24th, 2019

America's hardest working, most profoundly suffering Funnyman returns with another dazzling music video for all to feast their eyes (and ears!) on. No two Neil Hamburger albums have ever been alike, but Still Dwelling throws even the staunchest fan for a loop: Neil Hamburger created a pop album of epic proportions! Neil's personality always shines through, and with "Little Love Cup" so do his songwriting skills! Still Dwelling displays an array of 20th century masters from across genres, but with "Little Love Cup" Neil's got himself a bonafide original hit!

Heartfelt and earnest,"Little Love Cup" sums it all up for Neil Hamburger: gorgeous orchestrations provide salve to the wounds of the modern world, as Neil's backing chorus and horn section help him elevate this humble composition to the status of modern anthem. With set design by Marika Jett Hickey and shot/edited by Mike H, "Little Love Cup" is a surrealist stop motion version of American Bandstand, except if Dick Clark decided to drop a couple of tabs! 

These are not novelty recordings - do not embarrass yourself by stating otherwise. Still Dwelling drops tomorrow, get your copy today!


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