posted February 11th, 2019

The Dreams My Bones Dream was widely praised as one of 2018's albums of the year, and with good reason! Eiko Ishibashi's sixth solo album reached truly impressive and exciting heights in pop experimentalism, an accomplishment few can claim with any consistency. With songs reflecting upon the vast spaces that exist between people as close as family members, and ruminations of her own father and grandfather, The Dreams My Bones Dream is a record with exquisite musicality and deep emotions, a travelogue pointed towards a time hopefully better than the future we see coming down the line! Now the travelogue manifests as real travel, as we proudly announce Eiko Ishibashi's European Tour! 2019 is shaping up nicely if you're in one of the select cities below - get your tickets now!


May 11 Festival Focus @ Le CENTQUATRE in Paris, France
May 12-13 @ Cafe OTO in London, UK
May 15 @ Reihe M, Stadtgarten in Cologne, Germany *
May 16 @ Galeria ZdB in Lisbon, Portugal *
May 17 @  GNRation in Braga, Portugal *
May 19 @ Golden Pudel in Hamburg, Germany 
May 20 @ Arkaoda, Berlin in Germany *
May 22 @ Alice in Copenhagen, Denmark *
May 23 @ De Nor in Antwerp, Belgium *
* with Joe Talia

Worthy praise for The Dreams My Bones Dream:

The songs are gorgeous, lyrical, chimerical, the arrangements weighty, complex and cool. The union of the two is something close to perfection. -  Mojo (Andrew Male)

The unreachable past collides with a dark, unpredictable future, leaving the listener with a pit in the stomach and endless respect for the way that Ishibashi has upped her game. -The Wire (Bill Meyer)

Co-produced with and mixed by Ishibashi's longtime collaborator Jim O'Rourke, the album shows shades of her varied works, which encompass an assortment of work with piano, drums and electronics, and some improvisation. Her patchwork of reference points layer into dense songs that are not purely electronic but clearly borrow from the melding style. (...) It's an album made for obsessives to dissect, component by component. -The Quietus (Amanda Farah)

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