posted March 20th, 2019

This month marks CAVE's triumphant return to Europe for a bonafide tour - including a single date in the CAVE-thirsty UK, with a huge run through Spain, naturally! To celebrate, the first full-length CAVE album, Psychic Psummer, is back in print after years out of it. Questing listeners can once again drop the needle on the launch-pad moment where CAVE came into their own, evolving into a collective capable of full-length mastery. Their expertise in collating trippy dance jams of all colors started here, leading to further evolutions and triumphs on their subsequent releases Neverendless, Threace and last year's incredibly fresh and fearsome jammer,  Allways.

Psychic Psummer was made not long after CAVE migrated to Chicago from Columbia MO, and it reflects the hectic loft-style of the their punk/DIY/house show days. Ten years on, these are radical early soundings of their trademark studio style, with relentless tempo-keeping, drone-fascination, keys and neat-cut arrangement/production, alongside guitars and bass often in overdrive plus dubby, aggro’d-out chanting in and out of the mix. Fusing their fascinations with soaring energy, CAVE covered lots of ground while making an oddly timeless album. Hopefully this Psummer's the endless one - if only the tour could be, too!  You'll ALLWAYS have the records, at least - but do yourself an additional favor and get out to these shows!


3/30/19 at El Desierto Rojo in Valladolid, Spain
3/31/19 at Centro Cultural Manuel Benito Moliner in Huesca, Spain
4/1/19 at La Mami in Vallesvilles, France
4/2/19 at Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao, Spain
4/3/19 at Kutza Kulter Kluba in San Sebastian, Spain
4/4/19 at Radar Estudios in Vigo, Spain
4/5/19 at 100% Psych @ Funhouse in Madrid, Spain
4/6/19 at BCN Psych Fest in Barcelona, Spain
4/7/19 at Sufre Sound System in Valencia, Spain
4/8/19 at Planta Baja in Granada, Spain
4/9/19 at Sala X in Seville, Spain
4/11/19 at Tremor Festival in Sao Miguel, Azores Portugal
4/12/19 at Galeria Zé dos Bois in Lisbon, Portugal
4/13/19 at Vera in Groningen, Netherlands
4/14/19 at Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands
4/15/19 at Shacklewell Arms in London, United Kingdom
4/16/19 at La Malterie in Lille, France
4/17/19 at Cirque Electrique in Paris, France
4/18/19 at De Zwerver in Leffingen, Belgium
4/19/19 at Rotondes in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
4/20/19 at Rockerill in Charleroi, Belgium

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