posted May 9th, 2019

"Let it be known that I (Haley Fohr) once walked the Earth and chose to sing my way through life. Let it be known that one of these many singing rituals transpired on Nov 11, 2018 at Le Guess Who? Festival. On this evening Cooper Crain rearranged works from 2017's "Reaching For Indigo", members of the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra helped re-imagine this aforementioned music, Le Guess Who? Festival documented it, and here today we have Reaching For Indigo: GAIA INFINITUS: Performed Live at Le Guess Who? Festival.

Drag City & I have meticulously prepared a limited 300 count LP/DVD, featuring 100 different album covers, as well as a video documentation of the entire performance. It includes a previously unreleased song written during the Indigo era,"Four Limbs", and is exclusively available on the vinyl version of this release.

Thank you for your continued support of independent music & the living artist."

---Haley Fohr, May 2019

 Reaching For Indigo : GAIA INFINITUS: Performed Live at Le Guess Who? Festival is now available to purchase on Drag City, Bandcamp and Check out the new shirt at Circuit des Yeux's e-shop: if you like, you can buy the album bundled with the shirt there, in either fetching Red on Peach or serious Cream on Black variants! 

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