posted June 21st, 2019

Drag City Press - the final frontier! Or so we thought back in the year 2000 (whotta coincidence) when we put out John Fahey's How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life. For a record label like ours, releasing books somehow implied the big time - and so we continued to search for projects that we could get behind and continued to find goods ones that now fill our catalog - or as we like to call it, "library." Now it's 2019, and we're still a record label, which means it's now really frustrating dealing with books: they're so unstreamable! Streaming, that's how everybody listens to music! That's our business and our future - and that's how we'll get to the big time! But what about books? Sure, there's audiobooks, but the thing about books is that you're supposed to read them - and how do you read a stream? This has the potential to turn into a real purist quagmire for us (which we would love), but fortunately we heard about another NEW technology to combine books with computers - the eBook!

Now, some of our fabled catalog of fiction, non-fiction and HUH?!? (which we file the Harmony Korine books under) is now available on Apple and Amazon for you to read on your newfangled eReaders, will wonders never cease? This includes John Fahey's 2nd memoir/fiction/essay collection Vampire Vultures, Turkington & Kearney's anagram record reviews, Warm Voices, Rearranged, Bill Callahan's lyric book I Drive a Valence, Ben Chasny's combinatorial system treatise, The Hexadic System, Purple Mountains' David Berman's cartoon collection The Portable February, and Harmony Korine's aforementioned weirdness A Crack Up at the Race Riots and The Collected Fanzines. Plus our newest novella, Mayo Thompson's page-turning neo-noir, Art, Mystery! If you're tired of bringing new books onto your shelves, or even if you've thrown the shelves out and burnt the books (a lot of that going around, cancel culture!), you can download/upload and weigh down nothing more than your cloud with our collected works. Check 'em out (no, not at the library) now!

Artists in this story: Mayo Thompson, Six Organs of Admittance, Bill Callahan, Harmony Korine, John Fahey, David Berman, Gregg Turkington & Brandan Kearney