posted July 11th, 2019

More than 50 years since he wrote his first country hit, Chris Gantry lives and sings today like the raw outlaw he was back then, just with a wiser world view that only comes with great - and sometimes not-so-great - life experience. While many of his contemporaries have been lost to the years, Chris continues to write and perform with grizzled purpose and ferver, as the song-stories found on his forthcoming Nashlantis album testify! Nashlantis is a country-folk séance of the human spirit; at times weary, dark and contemplative, at others joyous and playful, brimming with optimism. "Box of Crayons" is one of the latter, a poignant and timely song that thrusts the warm, glowing "love thy neighbor" mentality out into the world -- something we could all use a little more of these days! While Gantry's pleading vocal delivery and deft guitar playing are contagiously heartfelt on "Box of Crayons," you're gonna do a double take when you hear the accompanying voice on those infectious choruses. No, your ears do not deceive you-that IS Bill Callahan! A match made in Drag City heaven, eh? Meanwhile back down here on earth, Chris supports the Calla-man in Brooklyn and Jersey City this week, a massive treat for those who have not yet experienced Chris' radiant exuberance! Chris made a name for himself in Nashville but he grew up in Queens, so after all these mischievous years the prodigal son returns to his home turf - don't miss it!

Make sure to preorder your copy of Nashlantis sooner rather than later, there's no telling how long they will last once they hit the streets on July 26th!

7/11/19 Murmrr Theatre Brooklyn NY*
7/12/19 White Eagle Hall Jersey City NJ*
*w/ Bill Callahan

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