posted July 22nd, 2019

After over 20 years of record making, Major Stars have arrived at "roots" and "seeds" of their inspiration. Riding a creative hot streak including 2016's Motion Set, the creative current is presently in a mega-waxing state, with momentum that won't quit! In times like these, it's easy to feel connected to sources like roots and seeds - and when you lay the needle onto this platter, you too will feel this inspiration.

Major Stars' three guitar alignment has a fiendish way of affecting one's depth-of-field, and while it is easy to describe what they do in terms of bombast, this shortchanges the tactile components of the band.  Take their new single, "Spun Around," as an example - it's got an epic workout of layered guitar complexity that sure feels effortless, yet throughout, Rogers, Biggar & Co. manage to explore an array of progressions and melodies without sawing and soloing mindlessly away, so that you, dear listener, can freely, mindlessly, zone IN with it! The signature hard rock of Major Stars - a literal triple-guitar threat - reaches back through epochs, through grunge, 70s metal and psych-dripping Hendrixian neck-throttle to produce slamming riff-tasms, fronted by Noell Dorsey's impassioned wail. A HOT classic-rock embodiment of summer jams! Listen above now and peep the new live dates below.

8/8/19 ONCE Somerville MA*
9/7/19 Hong Kong Harvard Square Cambridge MA^

*w/ Howlin Rain and Garcia Peoples
^w/ Mountain Movers and Chris Brokaw Rock Band

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