posted July 30th, 2019

Drawing from all phases of psychedelic, progressive folk-rock reminiscent of the golden age, The Silence make new music in the new century from an almost blinding collection of inspirations. Their deep songs have all manner of lyricism, unexpected chord progressions and tempos, with instrumental breaks where acid-washed guitars, rasping saxophone, nimble drums and gooey bass all get their moment to shine. Metaphysical Feedback,  the group's fourth full length outing, finds them on a linear path moving from more traditional blues-based psych-folk-rock material to something broader, refined, and frankly, freaky, for those with a keen musical ear (yeah, we're talking to you)! 

Take this new single, "Sarabande," which opens proceedings with Masaki Batoh arpeggiating his Gibson Firebird through two Leslie speakers, guiding a warbling flute melody into place before the song earnestly kicks in. Then Batoh's voice sets the song ablaze, and the band stretches out - piano tickles, the rhythm section begins to roll... and then, half-way through, the doors are blown off, a scorching guitar squall erupts as the tempo increases, and things get OUT. But the wise band brings it back down to earth with ease -  returning to a pensive, sanguine place of rest. "Sarabrande" is nearly nine minutes long, proving  The Silence know exactly how to construct a rock and roll epic that burrows into your ears and never leaves! Listen to "Sarabande" now and don't forget to pre-order the new album before it officially drops on August 30th.

9/27/19 Club Goodman Akihabara Tokyo Japan
9/28/19 Namba Bears Osaka Japan

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