posted October 22nd, 2019

America is having an extended String-Keys Incident moment - and like the weather these days, there's no telling how long these swells will last. However, this week, like autumn's hunter's moon or winter's bursting pipes of the Midwest, we are able to confirm that Joanna Newsom will arrive in Austin, TX on January 15th and 16th, 2020, where she'll play two nights at the Bates Recital Hall. This follows her September extended stay in Philadelphia & New York City, this month's near-week in Chicago & Milwaukee, and November visits to Carmel & San Francisco. Hopefully we'll have more to announce soon - and LA, this means you too. To be clear, there were issues both sudden and unexpected with the Los Angeles venue (and beyond Joanna's control) that prevented those shows from happening, but new venues in Los Angeles appropriate for the show Joanna is trying to present are being explored.

If you bought tickets to the cancelled LA shows, and are having trouble receiving a full refund, please contact Ticketmaster with your account number.


11/22/19 @ Sunset Cultural Center in Carmel, CA
11/25/19 @ Herbst Theater in San Francisco, CA
11/26/19 @  Herbst Theater in San Francisco, CA
1/15/20 @ Bates Recital Hall in Austin, TX
1/16/20 @ Bates Recital Hall in Austin, TX

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