posted November 15th, 2019

When it's all looked back upon and counted, the moments may seem like few in this life that we're required to stand tall and shine out to the world before us. Yet they are legion. With "Squid Eye", from the now-out I Made a Place, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy counts the ways, extolling the promise of a future once we're prepared to "take from the awful an awesome". Cascades of guitar, flute and sax herald this celebration of knowing and persevering, as strength is drawn from the sighting of the many and wondrous paths we're destined to follow through the world.  

But tell you this? The "Squid Eye" video, directed by Lori Felker, is a lyric video, wading through words and music with flashing images of Bonnie and his titular inspiration, allowing  YOUR eye to sight them in their many and varied natural habitats, over which the lyrics are superimposed - so read along, and you can draw your own conclusions about bravery, freedom, agency, heroism, knowledge, transformation and the weight of that ol' live well lived. Then start honing your karaoke version!  

"Squid Eye" in audio and visual forms is a spirited and colorful bop through the real stuff of existence, juxtaposing philosophic conundrums and heights of terror with acts of folly and childish abandon in the name of everyday survival. Confronting all these things, we become who we are. No one said it would be easy - but our Bonnie is here to help. Watch above and draw a copy of I Made A Place close to you for further listens. It's out now - hurry and get it into your mind, body and soul for the rest of time. When the grid finally goes down, you'll be glad you did.


3/5 @ Buskirk-Chumley in Bloomington, IN*
3/6 @ Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, OH*
3/7 @ Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC*
3/8 @ Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA*
3/9 @ Town Hall in New York, NY*
3/11 @ College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT*
3/12 @ Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI*
3/13 @ State Theatre in Portland, ME*
3/14 @ Academy of Music in Northhampton, MA*
*All dates billed as "Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Emmett Kelly

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