posted January 14th, 2020

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's long-awaited "next" missive, I Made a Place, which is be released digitally on January 31st - reveal that the 'Prince' is using his considerable powers for good. Honestly, since he's spoken on the influence of songwriters John Prine and Tom T. Hall of late, and the inspiration of the state of Hawaii too, why then wouldn't he be all about projecting sunshine-infused truth-music for the benefit of all?
It might hinge on your definition of 'good': on "This Is Far From Over", the latest single from IMaPBonnie strips down and sings through a terse-set jaw of our next of kin, making their way through the flood-ravaged world that's coming once all our traditional homelands have vanished beneath the tide. This may sound grim, but our Bonnie looks forward to this time as an opportunity for future generations to carry on as they sail the endless sea, dynamically living the next phase of life on earth to the best of their abilities. A flute solo adds sweet fairy-dust to this apocalyptic, yet unabashedly optimistic tune. We call that all KINDS of good. 

You can't hope to pilot a seagoing vessel without a bit of know-how, so the video is being premiered on sailing e-mag Scuttlebutt. Go for the vid, stay to check out their particular vision of living a life at sea. The video itself for "This Is Far From Over" is an awesome practical demonstration all its own: longtime Bonny co-conspirator Olivia Owens Wyatt features a wealth of images from her solo transpacific crossing aboard a 34-ft sailboat, as she commands the craft and the surrounding landscape with a steady hand while producing effervescent visuals of the ride. This is the spirit we will need.    
One new Bonnie song is a cause for celebration, what do we do with two? Keep flipping! The B-side is a sweet reiteration of The Carpenters' wedding-anthem "We've Only Just Begun", echoing the message of the A-side in just the kind of weird way that only the Bonnie 'Prince' is capable of anymore. Wanna hear it? Take this island in the streaming and shove it! It's only available for purchase, either as digital download or via an actual 7" single made of wax and guaranteed to float on top of the water with you.  
Obtain your copy today! And mind, procure tix for the upcoming BPB / Jonathan Richman tour, before they all disappear too. 


3/5 @ Buskirk-Chumley in Bloomington, IN*
3/6 @ Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, OH*
3/7 @ Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC*
3/8 @ Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA*
3/9 @ Town Hall in New York, NY*
3/11 @ College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT*
3/12 @ Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI*
3/13 @ State Theatre in Portland, ME*
3/14 @ Academy of Music in Northhampton, MA*

*All dates billed as "Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Emmett Kelly

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