posted February 28th, 2020

Earlier this month we told ya Papa M is touring Australia, and now we're pleased to update you with new intel: big Papa is also touring a bit of thee United States, too! Beginning next week, Papa M has a boomerang trip from LA to Louisville and back - fusing current and former home stomping grounds for David Pajo. The dude forms his songs from the deepest, darkest depths, where light is trapped and twisted, refracted and reformed into something piercingly beautiful, all for the listening pleasure of folks like you (and us!). It's universal music and the universe is gonna get it! Papa M on tour, check the dates below!

Tour dates:

MARCH 6 - All Star Lanes, Eagle Rock CA (8pm) w/ Glaciers and Tiny Peloton
MARCH 8 - Surface Noise, 600 Baxter Ave, Louisville KY (7pm) w/ Ruth Napier
MARCH 27 - The Airliner, Los Angeles CA (9pm) w/ Imaad Wasif and Deradoorian
APRIL 17 - The Cranker, Adelaide SA, Australia w/ A Broken Sail
APRIL 18 - Stay Gold, Brunswick Victoria, Australia w/ A Broken Sail
APRIL 24 - The Foundry, Fortitude Valley QLD, Australia w/ A Broken Sail
APRIL 25 - The Vanguard, Newtown NSW, Australia w/ A Broken Sail

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