posted April 10th, 2020

A note from Meg Baird about "Cross Bay":

"The mix dates for my upcoming solo record were among the many, too many cancellations of this unimaginable spring we're sharing. But I wanted to go ahead and release one of the songs in progress-just case it could help to raise some funds for meals, shelter and support for some of my most vulnerable neighbors.

This song is a mash of abstractions. But one verse was written back in 2016 to thank a friend who checked in on me when I was stuck alone at home, staying up all night watching Lifeboat and freaking out about the Brexit leave vote. I was afraid that it was a terrible sign that the old agreements and already inadequate standards about how we take care of each other each were up for grabs. It really helped to talk about it.

If, understandably, you'd rather see support stay closer to home, or you're in a better position to help a friend, neighbor, would all mean so much. Or maybe you'd just enjoy spacing out on some animation loops I made this weekend using a kid's stop-motion program, subconsciously inspired by early Sesame Street and created while lying on the living room floor with all the blankets and pillows out.

It's been a long four years. But I'm thinking of everyone and dreaming of better signs and seeing you soon.

"Cross Bay"  is now available to hear on Bandcamp with proceeds going to the following organizations of Meg's choice: Proceeds to go towards Glide , Homeless Prenatal Program, St. Anthony Foundation and La Casa de las Madres. Listen to the song above and, if possible, consider supporting!

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