posted April 16th, 2020

Sheeple! Let go and dance yourself unsick with a pogoing slice of prime ur-punk. Unlike many of the bands that defined their era, No Trend wore their name like a prophecy, and are among the 80s most enduring sounds as a result. With a rolling bassline that would make Public Image Ltd. jealous and nauseous waves of Frank Price's guitar noise, "Cancer" bounces with a perverse energy as Jeff Mentges' vocals sear through the din. As with much of No Trend's catalog, cynical lyrics testify to the knowability of truth beyond the endless corruption of men - a message still far too relevant today.

Slow, sinister and heavy - punk rock or otherwise, "Cancer" is pure nihilism put to tape - and a relatively uplifting soundtrack in our current state. Listen to "Cancer" above and preorder No Trend's Teen Love/ Too Many Humans box set before May 29th!

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