posted April 30th, 2020

These stay-at-home times can really bring out the gift-giving in all of us - maybe it's in the form of baked goods from your neighbor, or maybe homemade masks from your auntie. Our favorite is when the gift arrives in the form of sweet, sweet new music, delivered straight to our digital device, which just happened to occur today with the epic Bill MacKay jam, Scarf!

Scarf, originally only available on a limited-edition cassette of 50 copies back in 2019, has now reemerged. The song is nearly 22 minutes of solo electric guitar, recorded live at Chicago's Hideout, driving forward through varied melodic themes, noise, drone, raga, rock n roll, and a carnivalesque closing-section. The cover art is also Bill’s and reflects some of his feelings about the piece, principally among them: the idea of illumination.

Scarf is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, and everywhere else you might go for healthy musical treatment. As spring continues to break through winter, it's still advisable to layer - never leave the house without your Scarf!

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