posted May 8th, 2020

Hey gang, Discogs much? Drag City at Discogs much? Well, you've never done it this way before. Order direct from the Drag City shop on Discogs, kicking off at 9am EST on Sunday, May 10th (and forthwith, while supplies last!). The whole catalog will be there, including a few deep pulls from our archives - no, not test-pressings! That would be like selling our children (or their old onesies, anyway) - some long OOP items are being posted for launch day however, and we'll have other things posted there in the not-too-distant- not just new releases, but slightly-ding'd (NM- or VG+? The debate rolls on....) old titles at discount for all you financially strapped and/or OG freaks. 

We've got plans for Discogs! And soon, we'll know what they are. In the meantime, stop by and say hello - it's not the only store in town, but every new one is another bright ray of sunshine in this shite-besmirched world in which we chose to live in.