posted June 29th, 2020

Hey, we weren't kidding - here's "Pigeons," from the Gold Record we always knew Bill Callahan had in him! The abiding humanity of latter-day Callahan is highlighted by dark plumes of caustic wit upending standards of our everyday life and the songs that celebrate it: the job, the wife, the TV, the neighbors. Bill slips easily into his characters, whether they're easy people or not - and the cross-hatch of their light and shadow is unpredictably entertaining in a uniquely Callahanian manner!


"Pigeons" is set in the heart of Texas, where from the wheel of his long white limousine, a man observes... and pontificates. Come along for the ride - who knows, you might end up with the wedding rice exploding in your belly, or you could end up married to the whole wide world! Either way, there's a place for you on this earth.
Listen to "Pigeons" on yer favorite DSP by clicking here and....we'll see you next week!

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