posted June 30th, 2020

It's Summer 2020 and No Age are finally back out on the street, production delays be damned! Forming a wave from which they hang eleven tunes, Goons Be Gone can now be enjoyed and shared in the form of physical media: LP, CD and even cassettes across the world. 

And in times like these where the future is so bright that we've gotta wear shades (look it up, Gen Z), No Age's effortlessly raw yet refined new album hits all the sweet spots. Goons simultaneously shows off their roots with old skool punk bangers, but truly flourishes as they continue to delve deeper into their experimental noise pop sensibilities.
Case in point with "Smoothie"; a syrupy track that slowly drips from your ears as it burrows deeper with hypnotic pulses of drones, thick bass chunks and Dean's deadpan vocal delivery. Wrapping around your head like a hot towel, "Smoothie" easily transitions those tones and zones from sound to video, especially in the capable hands of frequent No Age collaborator Aaron Farley!

Director Aaron Farley writes:

"I instantly gravitated to the song "Smoothie" when No Age asked me to choose a song to make a video from their new album Goons Be Gone. With such an ethereal repetitious sound, it feels like its folding over on itself. I was getting ready to work on a couple ideas and then we were quarantined.  I've been making these small painted wooden sculptures that move and bend and contort and they recommended using the shapes and colors of the pieces I'd been working on at home to see where that would lead.  It took off from there. They really pushed me to go deeper into the movement, colors and shapes until everything started abstracting and feeling more like animations than physical things. It was such a great exploration for me to see my work in a completely different light."


The door flies open to the new No Age, invite them in and have 'em stay awhile. Watch "Smoothie" by clicking the link above and support your local record store (and your favorite label)!

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