posted July 2nd, 2020

It's the first week of July 2020 and we're still getting used to the new normal - namely, that Dope Body are back again, and liver still than we (and you) will ever be. Baltimore's 21st century-style Stooges have rocked themselves alive with an isolation-times mixtape of digi-fuckd, fully distanced Dope furies. Home Body bursts from the gate like a suddenly-unchained beast and as the dust is settling on the fresh abrasions, all that can heard rising above the pain is a chant of "more! more! more!" And it's coming from inside your head...

Not one to back down from a challenge (for instance, literally writing , recording, mixing and mastering  11 fucking songs from the safe distance of their respective homes), DB can clearly do anything in 2020. So here's another  rocket from their exploding head-space - a bonafide music video for Home Body funkerupper "Back In Back"!

Like several of its Home Body brethren, "Back in Back" can't help but reference the weirdness of the times with some spoken words at the top of the track and then vid images of the gang getting their freak on within their own iso-bubbles, as the music rolls with crunchy, metallic riffs and funky post-hardcore declamations. The hive mind of the Dope Boys is visually interpreted to a T by lead singer Andrew Laumann whose direction gives a bleary eyed saturation to the video, trully shredded and blissed out. Bless!

Dope Body's message; their enduring rage against the machine is exactly what the world needs right now, and the boys are more than happy to oblige, and get this stuff loaded into the portal. Watch "Back in Back" today!

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