Dominique Knowles' The Sun Sinks at Soccer Club Club

posted September 22nd, 2020

"I remember being home and just watching a storm from the horizon
Walk over like a cloak of death
The rain was so thick that it looked like another cloud, a phantom
Though other clouds near it would cause the sun’s light to bounce off of it,
And create a different light
It’s strange seeing a sunset and a storm together
Soon the storm reaches the land and you’re in the rain,
All under the glow of the sunset"

The Sun Sinks opens at Soccer Club Club on September 28th and will run until October 23rd. Soccer Club Club will be welcoming masked guests to view this show by appointment only. Please email to coordinate a date to feast your actual eyes on this actual art, in person!

Soccer Club Club business hours are M-F, from 10AM until 6PM each day.

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