posted October 5th, 2020

Dope Body continues to crash open frontiers of wildly imagined and ephemeral sound-froth with new singles from their forthcoming Crack A Light LP. The rec's a non-stop, all-out assault, crashing rock after rock through glass houses everywhere in a hail of ragers: righteous, extravagant and introspective.

With "Mutant Being", the future glides forth on a wave of drones, before sliding down a murky slope of distorto-shred and into dubby, post-PIL slow jam space. Weaving threads of dread, then blowing the roof off the Thunderdome with the chorus, "Mutant Being" is rock as digital slice and dice, AI-surgery soundtrax.

Dope Body's relentless rage against the machine has never been more palpable, or necessary, until now. Throw on a pair of headphones, turn the volume to 11 or so and scream into the void; Crack A Light out Oct.30, will lead the way.

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