posted October 15th, 2020

The people of this world are capable - and culpable - of great harm. Of great healing too! In this power lineup (saxes and flutes included), The Silence guide the listener through a unique sequence of electric meditations to reorient your perspective with an eye toward expelling the harshness from your soul. And with the help provided by incendiary psychedelic guitars, burning a to path to emancipation never sounded so good!

Inspired by a Doors lick, The Silence get their own portrait of modern alienation rolling with "Electric Meditations", the latest from their forthcoming (Nov. 6th!) long player. With the line, "Behind the sun I'm hiding my body",  this stomping abdication from society ensures a hard rock promise that wherever The Silence sail, electric meditations will abide.

Listen today (we recommend headphones) by clicking above.

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