posted November 19th, 2020

Nearly eight months into our collective isolation without a real gig in sight, what're ya gonna do? Dope Body have taken the relentless planning and prepping out of the equation in favor of a straight dopamine shot to the hypothalamus, in the form of the new video for "Known Unknown" depicting the communal energy of live Dope Body - shelter in place be damned!

The catharsis-inducing Crack A Light album closer gets a video treatment (courtesy of Dope collaborator Theo Anthony and Dope singer Andrew Laumann) that captures the full Body blow: pummeling beats, hyperpop guitar FX and rageful vocal declamations catch fire with the unhinged chaos of an everyday live show way back in the old normal. Zach Utz's climactic spiraling guitar ascent tears the lid off of all of it, reactivating those nights of rock music mutating as it rolls forward, sweat pouring and warm beer flying, shirts tearing, glass breaking, strings snapping, amps frying, thick humidity asphyxiating…and damn, does it feel good to be there.

Transport yourself with "Known Unknown" this morning and grab Crack A Light while it's still hot-n-ready!

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