posted January 13th, 2021

A lifelong Californian, Cory Hanson has naturally found himself standing to the left of most of the country. The west may be only what you make it; these days, the roadside view looks exceptionally sunbleached and left behind. His forthcoming long player, Pale Horse Rider, eyes the city, the country and the fragile environment that holds them both in its hands — a record as much about Los Angeles as it can be with it’s back to the town and the sun in its eyes; as much about nostalgia as new music can be with the apocalypse over the next rise.

Fueled by DNA lifted from country-rock cut with native psych and prog strands, Cory guides his craft toward the cosmic side of the highway. Pale Horse Rider's second single, "Angeles", is an understated heartbeat thump of drums and folky acoustic guitar-driven tension, those steel strings echoing above Cory's plaintive croon and impressionistic lyrics. The view of LA is exquisite from the high, lonesome peaks of the Angeles National, vibing with a foreboding mood of majesty and despair.

Aided by a chimerical music video (with animation from Cory's bro, Casey Hanson!), "Angeles" cuts through the persistent noise of our collective, ominous fever dream. Watch the video for "Angeles" now and pre-order your copy of the album, set for March 12th release!

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