posted January 14th, 2021

From the barely-there annals of private press, hippie folk-rock history… comes a reissue of the one and only Bill Stone LP, on Drag City/Galactic Zoo Disks. Bill Stone started out playing in a few small folk ensembles and stepping out with occasional solo gigs, which led to the 1969 recording of Stone on a 2-track Panasonic tape recorder in a pottery studio (!?) in Boothbay, Maine.

This private press rediscovery bears the distinguishing marks of the period, its gently interlocking acoustic and electric arpeggiation weaving a web of hushed wonder. The latest single, "Purple", sounds like something from lo-fi loner Mark Fry, or Pearls Before Swine in their more contemplative moments. Minimal folk from the psychedelic era, beamed straight into your 21st century device!

Originally pressed in the micro-est of quantities, Stone arrives on vinyl once more this February 12th. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and give "Purple" a listen. You'll thank us later!

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