posted January 18th, 2021

2021, and the voices that nobody thought to ask for — New Bums, that's who — are echoing once again from another rented return deep in their nocturnal urban jungle, where all the folly and failure in the world is like an elegant fever dream you want to have every night, and do. Why now? Why them? Why not? Besides, New Bums — Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny and Skygreen Leopards' Donovan Quinn — have a new album coming, and "Tuned to Graffiti" is the second salvo to soften you up for a trip to the sodden side of the tracks.

Last Time I Saw Grace combines arch post-aristocratic central Cal melodrama with torn and frayed acoustic guitars, just the way you liked your old Bums too. On "Tuned to Graffiti", hallucinations of this world are in advanced decay, rotting on the dock — then New Bums show up, with breezy pop and a melodic hook to sing in your sleep, through long night's journey into day, or any ol' time you see the light shining on society's absurd beauty. In the music video dreadful, half-remembered figments of a collective blues-rock imagination have come to badger the New Bums (as the Professors) in the Teachers' Lounge. Spirits kept alive in musty VHS archives, the "ghouls" have been summoned into another reality. Now it's the graffitied nooks of a polluted coast that they call home. David Enos, as the newscaster, reports.

Watch "Tuned to Graffiti" and listen on your favorite device — but act quickly! Big Tech could be coming for the Bums next.!?


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