posted January 21st, 2021

An electrical tension enters the room – a guitar, left to its own devices, surfing the breeze. Breaking in the air, smiling from ear to ear. And so! The Peacers are back with their third album.

Three years since they went about their sophomore affect, Introducing the Crimsmen – and the time has been kind. You know how it is in these important years, everything changing. Lots goes down, lots to go back through later. The second The Peacers record was made by the second The Peacers lineup, after 2/3rds of the 'riginal gang made for the door after the first LP. In came Bo Moore, Shayde Sartin and Mike Shoun – but after they’d finished making Crimsmen, singer Mike Donovan moved out of his old San Francisco digs to the east coast and made two solo albums. So, who êtes vous this time, The Peacers?

Check the ‘Better Than Ever’ box, that’s who! Up 'til now, The Peacers records were consistently great no matter who they were, delivering Mike D’s irrepressible subterranean pop in a full color spectrum of moods from purple to blue-black to sometimes white. Blexxed Rec is a different time in the band’s life – a second album from the same Donovan-Moore-Sartin-Shoun lineup, with all songwriting hands on deck and with and without a country on the brink in between 'em! "Irish Suit" is the first drop, a dapper, sun-dappled folkie mood: The Peacers on a rainy day in June. You hope that the "Irish Suit" ain’t for a wake of the same, but also, you know how these things go. Pure The Peacers for now people; whiffs of stoned melancholy and other deep feels rolled into a full-spectrum nug of psyk-pop.

Recorded in SF and Hudson NY with The Peacers' production ear for small and curious detail in full spectrum, Blexxed Rec is a blessed event for all yer rock and roll people. Go knock on every door! Wake the world! The Peacers are at hand. Out March 26th!

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