posted January 22nd, 2021

Broken nation time! Dark skies over our days, an increased reliance on black-market products. Wanna buy some 5-year old sunshine? With 2020 hindsight, it’s looking pretty good. Now you can treasure yours forever, with a special 10" release!

Smash-cut to 2015. Ty Segall and Cory Hanson with guitars on their chests, stretching songwriting muscles and finding, to their delight, new possibilities at every run up the neck – a new normal every second. This means trading vocal parts mid-song, then trading back again, modulating madly through rhythm changes, looking for a note in the harmony they’d never played or sung before. All in the service of locating the feel-good pop alchemy in a song in which no parts are repeated. Laying it all down with a sweet solid state vibe. Almost like a form of instant nostalgia for the world that that would soon be ‘used to be...’

“Whatever happened to She Is a Beam!?!,” has been a question/passive-aggressive demand from Ty and Cory aficionados over the past few years. This is what happened! It went to heaven and lived a beautiful life there. This is the sound of it. Guitars and harmonies. Helium-coated keyboards. A celestial, Steve Millerish synth transformation. Positivity! Lightness. Rock. Epic. Energetic. Happy, headbanging days.

“Milkbird Flyer” is a perfect ‘other A’ to pair with “She’s a Beam”, hovering on a fade-in fanfare of gleaming guitar godness before shifting into a countryish tripper with cheerful Psilo-sci-fi-bin lyrics to bend and stretch the ecstatic shuffle of the beat. As with “She’s a Beam”, Ty and Cory are floating so tight in the harmony that we’re like, “Who’s who?” But it doesn’t matter.

These are lost-but-now-found-again songs, and we feel the same! The pure sounds of yesterday (actually five years ago, but it feels like it, doesn’t it?) are bright like a moment in time just waiting for its chance to exist, a nugget of potency landing right between the eyes in any era. Turn it up and smile, smile, smile! Available on one-sided, etched vinyl for pre-order NOW.

Artists in this story: Ty Segall & Cory Hanson