posted February 25th, 2021

With Blexxed RecThe Peacers have gone full-spectrum psych-pop! Strumming every guitar and every bass drum, rebuilding pop once again in it’s own fiendish mirror image, Blexxed Rec is a blessed event for all yer rock and roll people.

The perfect gutter groover to hold up your next hole-in-the-sock hop, "Ghost of A Motherfucker" is a down and dank ditty with sharply focused melodic tendencies, lit up by Bo Moore's falsetto-feinting lead vox. Coolly surveying the state of yesterday's well-respected man today, with lips forming a steady stream of scene smack, he pauses only for a queas-o guitar solo that the White Album might still time-travel to kill for. All in, "Ghost of a Motherfucker" sits, with Blexxed Rec atop the best west rock pile for the new century thus far.

The vid, shot by Benjamin Maddox and edited by Lucky Start, documents the Furgary fishing village along the Hudson River in ol' New York. Once a bustling shantytown dating back to the late 1800s, the seventeen buildings were cleared of residents nearly a decade ago, but stand still, at the center of a debate about historical preservation. Meanwhile, for better an for worst, Furgary's ghost of its former self is on full display.

Go knock on every door! Wake the world! The Peacers are at hand. Blexxed Rec is out March 26th.

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