posted March 29th, 2021

WANTED: a valid reevaluation of the depiction of life in America's old west! With "Cowboy", a single from Gold RecordBill Callahan acknowledges the long-prevailing fantasy, now in the province of the late movie, in itself an artifact of a former time. Dryer than a quarter-century of drought, Bill's song echoes the sweet melancholy of that vision, subtly decontextualizing the images of freedom and manifest destiny, allowing us to see them as a fictive projection - one that only exists in our collective mind.

This lyrical vision takes full flight in the form of a music video from directors Anthony Gasparro and Mikey Kampmann; depicting the world of big skies, frontiers and a wilderness that's been colonized but has yet to be tamed. A trumpet in the wind floats over the border - mariachi at times, cavalry-bugle at others - while an elegiac bass clarinet and pitch-perfect western singer's whistle float in the Hollywood sunset backdrop to this slow-dying dream.

Watch "Cowboy" by clicking the link above and we've just restocked Gold Record on vinyl, catch them before they disappear!

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