posted May 25th, 2021

On two instruments rarely used in tandem, Joshua Abrams and Chad Taylor evoke a new fusion of genres meant to open the mind to new mental connections. Music comes from, and goes to, everywhere. With this in mind, and with the Moroccan guimbri and the Zimbabwean mbira in hand, they move through foundational playing fields – traditional, jazz, ambient – to create something truly diverse in nature, blending the essence of all the roots with inspiration, spun out in the rhythms of dance and meditation, listening and convergence. This is Mind Maintenance.


On "Valence", an impressionistic take on essential rhythms, Josh and Chad synthesize the soulfulness of Alice Coltrane with the minimalism of Terry Riley with a beguilingly earthy sound. Their instruments work individually and in union, roaming freely and sauntering side by side to create a unified groove for today.

Stream "Valence" on your DSP of choice (choices!) and get your hands on an LP by June 11th!

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