posted August 24th, 2021

Mess Esque, the newly minted duo of Mick Turner and Helen Franzmann, have been mixing up the medicine for their second single "Jupiter". For a new band it really helps to have a hit single, so this new radio friendly unit shifter remixes one album cut, reshaping it into a smoldering, cascading indie ballad!

If you've heard the first Mess Esque single ("Take It Outside"), you have a perhaps already divined their intent: to ride the sleepy drift past moments of stasis, beyond the blurred edges of the day...time-traveling to moments where sense and no sense coincide to share space and time and energy. These are soul moments, and to find them in all their unadorned glory, Mick and Helen cultivated improvisations and meditations from their mutually exclusive space, drawing closer together as speak and respond to each other, a focused pursuit of a whole musical expression.

On "Jupiter (Mix)", Mess Esque stargaze at kites lolling sensually in the night as they float, somnolent, above the darkened sea and sky. The album track is a slow-cooking nocturne, tapping the secret energies of solar winds and night tides in a slowly revolving epic, delving deep into a planetary mass of oneness. For the single, careful edits strip away some of the gaseous mists, focusing the track into a roiling nocturne that passes through erotic, narcotic and abstract phrases in a judicious, deeply satisfying five minutes.

But enough about us! Hear - and see - for yourselves. The music video, directed by the incredible Lucy Dyson, is out today! Pre order your copy of their self titled debut before October, too!

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