posted September 29th, 2021

With the release date for Mess Esque's Drag City debut album nearing, Mick and Helen have dropped a new video for their latest single "Sweetspot"!
The video, directed by Charlie Hillhouse, is equally hypnotizing with a dreamlike quality that gently rouses the viewer from induced inertia only to be thrust further down the rabbit hole. A story told in multiple parts, it demands your divided attention. Helen's words on the song:

"The song was about artists wanting to be in flow at first. The Sweetspot. I started setting an alarm at 2am and rising to write and record. Often I'd write down any dreams straight away into a book beside my bed. I was talking and thinking about dreams a lot at the time. Thinking about subconscious messaging and the things I suppress. There's a line in the background where I sing 'nobody wants to hear of my dreams’. Then I sent Mick another line 'finally' at the end. Guess I felt like he was listening on some level, through these songs. Pieces of my actual dream notes have been meshed in through the song. The 'show me and I'll show you' was a message to Mick - this was one of the first songs we wrote together so it was all pretty weird and magical. We created a portal between my room and his studio with this record. I'd send something to him, he'd send something to me, back and forth, back and forth... until we were happy. "

Helen's musical partner Mick has this to add: "Jump on the Mess Esque express with the slow psyche soul groove of 'Sweetspot'. One of my favourite Mess Esque songs from the album. It’s a soul song done by antipodean indie honkies. Did someone say ‘indie psych soul' !?"

Watch the video for "Sweetspot" and pre order your copy of Mess Esque for 10/22!

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